What should be noted when you use container house?

- Jul 11, 2019-

1. Fire prevention. The standard configuration of the container house is made of EPS foam sandwich panels, so it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of fire prevention. Welding construction is prohibited in the vicinity of the container house. If heating equipment is needed in winter, then it is necessary to install fire-proof equipment. It is necessary to provide casing protection for the wall-mounted wire. People can also use fireproof materials such as rock wool or polyurethane sandwich panels as the enclosure material for the container house.

2. Position fixed. Although the container house is mobile, it must be placed in a reliable and stable place. Because when the weather is bad, there is a risk of being blown by the wind or the foundation sinking. Therefore, when placing the container house, it should be placed on the flat ground as much as possible so that it can be safely secured. It can also be anchored with anchor bolts during the placement process..

3. Avoid load. During the daily use of the container house, please pay attention to ensure the safety of the structure of the house. It is strictly forbidden to place overweight equipment and sundries with the equivalent load greater than the design load on the part or roof of the house.

4. Multi-layer stacking is prohibited. After special design, the container house can be stacked with up to three floors. However, if the container is added together, there will be safety hazards. For example, when there is an eight-level wind, there is a risk of being blown by the wind. Therefore, do not stack multiple layers of the living room of the living container.

5. Lightning protection. If a container house is installed in an alpine wilderness, the iron container house can easily become a target for lightning in thunderstorm days. Therefore, the installation of the lightning rod should not be neglected. In addition to lightning protection measures, if the container house has stairs, balconies and other structures, it should also be welded to prevent accidents.