What safety precautions should I pay attention to when staying at a container hotel?

- Mar 19, 2020-

Many people have seen containers, but not many have seen container hotels. However, with the rise of dwelling containers now, many tourist attractions are building various container hotels. In the future, everyone is likely to stay when traveling Inside this modular professional container hotel. So what do you need to pay attention to when living in a container hotel?

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1. Do not disassemble parts

The container hotel can be said to be assembled. Although the appearance is chic and beautiful, they are spliced together by containers. Many of them are used to connect and fix the container structure. Therefore, when we checked into the container hotel After that, do not remove the screws and any other parts because of curiosity.

2. Don't run and jump

Although the container hotels are built with high-quality containers and the steel plates used are of a certain thickness and meet the requirements of national standards, we must still pay attention to our own behavior after staying in a container hotel, and do not run or jump inside the hotel. Wait for strenuous exercise, especially to restrain the behavior of accompanying children. In addition, when you open and close the door and window in the hotel, you must pay attention to gentle movements, do not push and pull and collision.

3. Do not use open flames

In order to ensure the safety of yourself and your companions, after you check in to the container hotel, please be careful not to use open fire in the hotel room, and do not bring any flammable and dangerous items into the room. You can use it if you need hot water The electric teapot and other tools provided by the hotel should be used safely in accordance with the regulations.

The above are some of the safety matters you need to pay attention to after checking into the container hotel. The container hotel with excellent materials has a well-designed and beautiful appearance, so it will interact with the external landscape and become a beautiful embellishment in the scenic area. However, if you want to spend your holidays safely in such a beautiful place, you must pay attention to Various safety matters.