What safety hazards should be noted for occupant containers

- May 21, 2020-

What safety hazards should be noted for container House

1. Pay attention to fire prevention

Fire is a common occurrence on construction sites. If you use a container mobile home made of foam colored steel plates, you must also pay attention to fire prevention.

(1) Do not weld by welding near the wall.

(2) Winter heating stoves should be equipped with fire protection devices.

(3) It is strictly forbidden to use blowtorch on house materials.

(4) When laying indoor lines, metal pipes should be used, and reliable grounding or refractory pipes should be selected. In addition, when it is necessary to pass through the wall, a casing should be added for protection.

2. Ground fixing

The color steel container mobile house is lighter than the all-steel structure. When it encounters a strong wind of level 8, it may be blown by the wind, which may be dangerous. There is a device to fix the bottom. Inland areas are not serious, but in coastal cities of our country, typhoons often hit them, and mobile homes must be fixed.

3. Three floors are prohibited

We often see on the construction site that there are 3 floors of Guangzhou occupant containers, but for the color steel container mobile homes, due to the lighter texture, really 3 container houses are superimposed together, there may be a big security risk .

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