What's ApplicationS for Mobile Prefab House

- May 18, 2020-

What's ApplicationS for Mobile Prefab House

After years of application and development, movable prefab house products have made great progress, and there are a large number of applications across the country, from dormitory on construction site to temporary shops on the market, from individual temporary housing to collective temporary residence, movable board house The figure is everywhere, providing people with a variety of temporary housing products, so that people have a place to live. So, what are the main applications of mobile homes in the construction industry?

Application of mobile prefab house on construction site?

From the perspective of the application of mobile homes, most mobile homes are used on construction sites, providing construction workers and related engineering personnel with dormitory, kitchen, bathroom, office, meeting room, sentry box, etc. Temporary housing construction for different purposes.

Mobile homes allow construction workers and related engineering personnel to live and live in peace of mind and work harder to complete engineering projects.



What are the plates of the mobile prefab house room?

There have been more developments and more changes in materials from the appearance of the movable board room to the present, from the previous foam sandwich panel, to the current rock wool sandwich panel, glass wool sandwich panel, and then to the latest Phenolic sandwich panels, etc.

These materials gradually have better quality and performance, and can produce more mobile homes with better quality and better performance.

Fireproof movable prefab house

In recent years, with the strengthening of people's safety awareness, fire safety has been paid more and more attention. Many places require that the fire rating of temporary houses must be A level, and the foam sandwich panels that have been widely used in the past have not met the requirements, and many construction sites All were ordered to replace them within a limited time, with better fireproof performance.

In this way, the mobile prefab room products produced by rock wool sandwich panels and glass wool sandwich panels are gradually favored by people, but these materials are easy to absorb water, and the debris generated by the processing process is harmful to the human body. People need to find another kind Material with good fire resistance, more environmental protection and non-absorbent water.

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