What kind of temporary construction is required before the construction site starts work?

- Aug 09, 2019-

1. Canteen

The management staff canteen area is 22 × 3 = 66 m2, of which the restaurant is 44 m2. The area of the workers' canteen is 22×7=154 m2, of which the restaurant is 77 m2. The ceiling is covered with a PVC ceiling. Doors and windows adopt standard door and window of mobile home manufacturers, increase the door and window with yarn, and do other anti-mosquito measures.

Worker canteen warehouse is 15 m2, used to store rice, oil, salt and other canteen supplies.

There is one reservoir, two sinks and three sinks, all of which are tiled. A drain pipe is connected to the drain below the pool.


2. Toilet

There is a male toilet in the office area with an area of 12 m2, 3 urinals and 4 toilets; the female toilet has an area of 10 m2 and 4 toilets.

There is a male toilet in the living quarter of the management staff, with an area of 18 m2, 4 urinals and 5 toilets; the female toilet has an area of 15 m2 and 5 toilets.

There is one male and female bathroom in the living area of the management staff, each with an area of 17 m2.

There is a male bathroom in the dormitory area of 45 m2. There are 16 showers installed for 16 people to bath at the same time. One female bathroom has an area of 22 m2 and 8 showers are installed. It can also be used for 8 people to take a bath at the same time.

There are two male toilets in the dormitory of the workers' dormitory. The area is 112 m2. There are 2 urinal troughs and 45 toilets. The female toilets have a total area of 44 m2 and 16 toilets.

In front of the bathroom and toilet, the words of male and female bathrooms and toilets are clearly marked, and the regulations for the use of bathrooms and toilets are suspended.


3. Office

The office uses a color steel plate two-story prefabricated building, which looks like a U shape, each room is 3.64 × 6.16 meters, totally 15 × 2 = 30 rooms.

There are two flower beds in front of the door and parking lot. One floor is covered with floor tiles and the second floor is carpeted. Mobile home manufacturers’ standard steel doors and PVC sliding windows, columns and doors and windows are black in color.


4. Guard Room

A color steel plate guard room, 2.4 × 2.4 meters, floor tiles, steel doors and PVC sliding windows.


5. Dormitory

The dormitory is equipped with a prefabricated two-story house; each room is 22 m2, totally 20×7=140 rooms. 50cm ground foundation and light steel keel ceiling.

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Construction requirements:

1. The office and dormitory prefab houses should be rigorously constructed according to the design plan.

2. Temporary electricity consumption should meet the requirements of electricity consumption regulations.

3. The temporary construction should consider the construction condition in the rainy season, according to the amount of physical engineering in advance to organize the relevant machinery, for drainage, concrete construction to strengthen the determination of sandstone moisture content, and timely adjust the mix ratio to ensure the quality of concrete. A plastic film is placed on site to cover the newly poured concrete when it rains. Strengthen the inspection of mechanical and electrical equipment, material storage, shelves, machinery and equipment, all measures such as rain resistant, moisture proof, lightning and grounding must meet the requirements.