What Is the Relationship Between Container Houses and Prefabricated Buildings

- Apr 30, 2020-

The so-called prefabricated building refers to the main structural members of each component of the building that do not need to be produced on-site but are pre-made in a prefab or processing plant, transported to the site for lifting, installation, connection and other work. In short, it is a building made up of prefabricated parts on the construction site. At present, the main domestic development types are the prefabricated reinforced concrete structure, light steel structure, and container house.

Container house is one of the important forms of prefabricated buildings, and it can also be called box-type buildings. The container house takes the container as the main module and is modularly assembled into various types of house buildings according to different architectural styles or functional requirements. The containers are prefabricated in the factory and are used after professional design and installation.

As an important part of prefabricated houses, container houses not only have the advantages of prefabricated houses but also have unique characteristics and advantages.

Compared with the prefabricated reinforced concrete structure and light steel structure, the container house is more environmentally friendly, it can be built by recycling second-hand containers, and the reuse rate is higher than the above two prefabricated buildings. As far as the construction period is concerned, the container house can be built and renovated on-site, or it can be shipped directly to the site to complete the internal decoration in the factory. The integration of function and structural design is the most time-saving and labor-saving of the three types. It can be moved by whole boxes, which is its unique advantage.

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