What is the reason for the popularity of container houses?

- Oct 22, 2019-

1] High security, because the K-home movable container house is a skeleton of the overall steel structure, it can carry about 28 tons by itself, and it is incompetent in resisting natural disasters compared with other buildings such as movable houses and brick-concrete structures. The advantages of comparison, especially in areas with more natural disasters, the use of containers is undoubtedly the best guarantee for life.

[2] Saving resources, compared with brick-concrete structure houses, the construction water consumption of brick-concrete structure houses is 30 times that of container houses, concrete loss is 50 times, construction waste and decoration waste are reduced by about 99%, and building materials are recycled. The rate is 70% higher than that of traditional buildings. The installation of groups of buildings is less than 50% less than the average construction period. At the same time, the insulation performance of modular container is about twice that of traditional brick-concrete structures. Therefore, container houses are in construction materials. Areas that are difficult to organize or areas that have special requirements for environmental protection are a very good choice.

[3] Efficient and convenient, the reason why container home are rapidly popularized in Europe, the United States and coastal economically developed areas is that it is very convenient to use. After the container is finished in the factory, it is transported to the destination and placed on the pre-made basis. It can be used after the power is installed. When the container needs to be moved, the whole room will be moved together with the contents of the house to reach the destination. After the power is installed, it can be used continuously, and its convenience is unmatched by other buildings.

[4] High comfort, the prefab container can be decorated according to the user's needs, and the comfort can fully meet the degree of fine decoration of the ordinary house. Therefore, the container house can effectively improve the working and living environment of the field workers, so many people will container The house is called the second home of the field.

[5] High durability, because the container mobile home is migrated as a whole, the migration has no harmful effect on the house itself. No matter how many times it is moved, it will not cause great damage to the box. Therefore, as long as it is protected during the use of the house. Container houses can be used for a long time.

[6] High value-keeping, because the prefabricated container house is the main structure of the all-steel structure, the steel consumption is close to 1.7~1.9 tons, and the value of this part of the material will not disappear due to time. Therefore, the container house has a very high value preservation.