What is the Integrated Modular Building

- Jun 05, 2020-

The integrated modular building is a brand-new building system, which was introduced into China from the developed countries in Europe and America. The system integrates a brand-new building concept with new technologies, new materials, new processes, and new equipment with international advanced levels. And prefabricated in the factory. The manufactured steel structural parts, structural parts, guards, and various composite materials are transported to the construction site and assembled into an integrated house.

The application and promotion of integrated modular technology will gradually change the traditional high-pollution and high-energy traditional building model, and make the building enter a new era of large industrial manufacturing. China will gradually become the world's largest manufacturing base in the development of integrated modular buildings. The specific performance is: industrialization of production, standardization of parts, construction and assembly, serialization of supply, customization of services, and overall sustainable development. The structural system is integrated, lightweight, miniaturized and integrated.

It is completely different from the traditional building structure. The structural system used in the integrated modular building is a complete system design through electronic computer-aided design technology. Since it has become a steel structure building system, its degree of integration is very high.

Save construction space, flexible design, easy to divide. Due to the application of a light-weight steel structure building system and new energy-saving and environmentally friendly building maintenance parts, the building space can be flexibly designed according to the needs of users and can be arbitrarily divided. The use of new durable and lightweight walls, the actual area of the integrated building is about 10% higher than that of the brick-built houses.

The integrated modular building equipment system is highly integrated. The equipment system of the integrated building includes the orderly layout of the equipment pipe network lines, the reasonable and effective use of the overall kitchen and bathroom, and the widespread use of smart home systems.

The overall industrial chain is highly integrated, integrated and modular, and the diversification of building components has led to the need for industrialization and industrialized mass production. The intensification of resources and the significant reduction in production costs brought about by the high degree of industrial integration have also made integrated modular buildings highly competitive and promising, and they are also sustainable industries.