What is The Advantage of New Prefabricated Living Cabins?

- Aug 02, 2019-

New Prefabricated Living Cabins Characteristics

1. Reasonable design makes the field of vision quite open.

2. The main skeleton is made of high quality stainless steel, which is welded with high strength and wind pressure resistance.


3. With flexible, the pavilion according to various functions required configuration such as lighting, power sockets, electric control box and wooden computer desk, ventilation fans, etc., and can be configured to meet the various needs.

4. It adopts advanced precision welding technology and special waterproof technology to overcome the defects of poor waterproof performance of common products.


5. The power supply part adopts modular centralized management, the wiring is beautiful, reasonable, safe, convenient for maintenance and economical.

6. The color of the container house adopts a variety of matching methods, and the corresponding supporting facilities can be individually selected according to the actual use and building style.

7. Design the internal drainage structure, no dripping water in the eaves, easy access in rainy days.

8. Good sealing and sound insulation, summer insulation, winter insulation, energy saving and environmental protection.