What is Prefabricated Modular Building

- Dec 25, 2020-

Prefabricated modular building refers to dividing the building into several spatial modules. All equipment, pipelines, decoration and fixed furniture in the modules have been completed, and the facade decoration can also be completed. These modular components are transported to the construction site as a building assembled together like "building blocks". It is a high-end product for the industrialization of construction and possesses a high degree of integrity.


1. The construction speed is fast, which can shorten the construction period by 50~70% compared with traditional buildings.

2. The degree of assembly is high (the degree of assembly can reach more than 85%). Most of the construction work, including the installation of water, heating, electricity and other facilities and house decoration, are moved to the factory for completion. Only component hoisting and node processing are left on the construction site. It can be used by connecting the pipeline.

3. Minimal environmental pollution.

4. Convenient for later expansion.