What is prefabricated building

- Aug 15, 2020-

What is a prefabricated building? Maybe that is our future home. From civil structures to reinforced concrete structures, science and technology are constantly advancing, the materials used to build houses are gradually changing, and the construction methods are constantly being upgraded. People enjoy the convenience brought by technological advancement and imagine the future. What is the house like?

Use suitable, economic, safe, green and beautiful assembly-style building service development methods to transform and improve the quality of life of the people. So what exactly is a prefabricated building? What impact does it have on our lives? Vividly speaking, it is similar to “building blocks”—in traditional construction, building materials such as steel bars and concrete need to be transported to the construction site for pouring; while “fabricated” is to combine beams, columns, wall panels, balconies, etc. Stairs and other components, that is, "building blocks" are pre-produced in the factory, and they are simply assembled, connected and installed after being shipped to the construction site. This construction method is beneficial to reduce losses and shorten the construction period. In fact, prefabricated buildings have been widely adopted by developed countries in the world. However, in my country, the proportion of prefabricated buildings in new buildings is still less than 5%, and they are mostly used in public buildings such as stadiums.

When it comes to traditional construction sites, people’s impression is "dust, trash, and clanging". In comparison, on-site operations in prefabricated buildings will be much cleaner and quieter. From the perspective of the construction industry, prefabricated buildings are a good way to improve quality and efficiency. From the perspective of their impact on the ecological environment, prefabricated buildings are also greener, which is more conducive to reducing pollution and saving resources. But why are there so few prefabricated buildings that buyers see on the market? The design of the prefabricated box house introduces modern home furnishing elements, which can be assembled and disassembled freely according to the different environment of the house. The user can choose the assembling method of each module according to the change of the environment to create a personalized house, with an adjustable house base, which can also be adapted to the requirements of different grounds. Other building decoration materials can also be attached to the exterior of the house as an enclosure structure and surface decoration or decoration.