What Is Flat Pack Container?

- Jan 14, 2020-

Flat pack container house is a new type of house that has been prevalented in China in recent years. All the part of each house can be disassembled and pulled to the construction site for assembly. At the time of shipping, the parts of a house can be superimposed and shipped together, just like a package.

Each part of the flat pack container house adopts a modular design, factory and prefabricated production, with the containers as the most basic unit, which can be used alone, or can be formed into a spacious space by different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions. Use, you can stack up to three layers vertically. Its main structure adopts standard components customized from high-quality steel plates, and its surface is galvanized, which has excellent corrosion resistance and rust resistance. The container is connected by bolts, and the structure is simple. It has more fire resistance, moisture resistance and wind resistance , More heat insulation, more flame retardant, quick and easy to install and other advantages, has gradually been favored by the majority of users.

flat pack container


Product Advantages

1.Performance advantages: high airtightness and safety, waterproof, fireproof, windproof, anticorrosive, coldproof, shockproof, soundproof, heat insulation, and repeated use. Improve and improve the comfort and safety of living environment.

2.Cost advantage: Folding design, aluminum alloy frame, stainless steel hinge, durable, durable, long life after repeated use over 10,000 times. Easy deployment, long-term, large-scale customers can greatly reduce the cost of use.

3.Transportation cost advantages: Folding structure, compressed shipment, convenient for sea, land and air transportation, greatly reducing batch transportation costs.

4.Advantages of installation cost: manual, electric, and mechanical operation folding, no need for on-site construction, greatly reducing labor and time costs.

5.Advantages of storage cost: small area after folding, the house with the least space for storage, greatly reducing the cost of storage vehicles.

6.Environmental protection advantages: From production, transportation, installation to storage, no loss of disassembly and assembly, no construction waste, no occupation, no damage to cultivated land, completely low-carbon environmental protection, green production, green use