What is a Prefabricated House

- May 22, 2020-

Prefabricated houses are built by industrial production methods. Part or all of the components of the house are prefabricated at the factory and then transported to the construction site. The components are assembled by reliable connection methods. Japan is called industrialized housing or industrialized housing.

The steel structure prefabricated house has the characteristics of light weight, large span, good wind and earthquake resistance, excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation and other indicators. It is a green building system with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and consistent with the sustainable development policy. It is suitable for villas, multi-storey residences, resorts, clubs and other civil buildings and building additions, roof slopes, light-weight internal partitions, etc. It can be pre-assembled. The wall includes pre-installed external wall enclosures, heat preservation and windows. The roof truss system can also be provided to developers in pre-assembled form, which greatly shortens the construction period compared with traditional construction methods.

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