What fireproof measures about prefab house?

- Jul 30, 2019-

The electrical circuit installation of the mobile prefab house must meet the requirements of the specification.

1. All wires should be clearly laid and set with non-combustible pipe slots. The wires should not be installed in the ceiling.

2. The lamp should be kept at a safe distance from the wall. The fluorescent lamp should be equipped with an electronic ballast. It is not advisable to use a coil inductive ballast. 

3.  the wire through the color steel clip must be the wall panel, must be set of porcelain tube or other non-combustible plastic tube. 

4. Each unit and each board room of the movable board room shall be equipped with qualified leakage protection switch and short circuit and overload protection switch. When the leakage, short circuit or overload occurs, the power supply can be cut off in time to avoid the wires and Use electric appliances to catch fire and then ignite the board room. 

Note: All open fires are prohibited in the movable board room. 

1. The prefab house cannot be used as a kitchen or power distribution room. 

2, it is forbidden to cook with open fire, ban on burning incense, ban smoking in bed, cigarette butts should be loaded with non-combustible utensils. Avoid fires caused by open flames or high temperature contact with wood splints, polystyrene, polyurethane, etc. 3. It is forbidden to use electric welding and gas welding to cut and weld the color steel plate.