What Effect the Price of the Container House

- Jun 24, 2020-

The price of the container is related to many factors, such as the materials used for the mobile container house, the degree of interior decoration of the container house, and the place to buy the mobile container house. The material of the house determines its quality, and the years of use in the future.

There are also inland transportation costs and shipping costs that must be considered as exports, so the quantity purchased also determines the final price.

Generally speaking, container prices range from 1,500 USD to 6,000 USD.

The container is mainly composed of a steel frame and wall panels. The thickness, size and density of the steel frame will affect the price.

The thickness of the wallboard, the filling, the thickness of the double-sided steel plate and the choice of the material of the steel plate all have a great influence on the price difference.

The ground waterproof treatment is also divided into many, including MGO, cement board, patterned aluminum board, PVC and so on.

steel structure