What does Modular Building Mean

- May 29, 2020-

The modular design process of house construction can be divided into hardware structural modularization and software structural modularization. Building hardware modularity needs to be considered from the dimensions of building structure, building form, building materials, and building uses. The building software structure modularity should be analyzed in dimensions such as building use and internal system design. Only analysis and excavation from multiple dimensions can reasonably decompose the entire building object, so that the building can be divided simultaneously at the initial stage of construction Design, and these designs can also be applied to other buildings, and finally combine the designs.

The building structure is modular. During the construction of the building structure, it should be based on the building environment or the architectural concept as the supporting basis of the structure. According to the requirements, the steel structure, steel concrete building structure, mixed structure or an organic combination of these structures Under normal circumstances, the building is modularized, which generally uses supporting columns and prefabricated components as the main bearing body of the building. By adding and building the spatial structure of the building according to the pre-grid in the bearing sky, the basic The components will form the main building structure of the building in the horizontal and vertical directions.

The building form is modular. The building form is generally specific to the building structure, but the form of the building reflects the modular structure of the building, and the scalability and adaptability of the building can be obtained from the form. . A good building modularity should show a rhythmic facade system grid in the overall structure, so that for the second-phase engineering building, it has good flexibility and scalability. The flexible division of space and the personalized design of the internal elements of the space can make the building space very flexible.

Modular building materials should be determined according to the purpose of the building, but prefabricated reinforced concrete members are currently used, and prefabricated frame members are used for building walls. Such a structure has strong compression resistance and high seismic resistance. By expanding or reducing the horizontal and vertical directions of each building unit in the building to reflect the flexible design of the building, it is clear that this is based on the specific use of the building.

With the development of science and technology, the use of houses has become intelligent. Obviously, the modular house construction just meets this demand. The modular building facilitates the intelligent design of house construction. In fact, the intelligent design inside the house belongs to the software design of the building, which mainly includes the modular design of the communication facilities, the module design of the network office automation, the design of the security automation module, the fire alarm, the integrated wiring system, etc.化 设计。 Design. After the modular design of the internal facilities, the unit module buildings of each building can be combined and then compatible, so as to meet the high-tech standards and process requirements of the building.

In short, the modular building gives the building a new renewable growth feature. In addition, through the modularization of the building construction, the quality of the house can be well grasped, because after building the module of the house, each module After the inspection and testing of the production process, the quality control of building construction materials has been strengthened. With the development of society, the purpose of housing construction may change, and the modular building design has also laid a good construction foundation for future reconstruction due to changes in housing demand.