What does Grade A Fire Resistance Mean

- Jan 08, 2021-

Grade A fire insulation material is a fire insulation material with a medium fire rating of A. It mainly includes A1 and A2 materials. Class A is a non-combustible material with low density, low thermal conductivity, high pressure-bearing capacity, convenient construction, It is economical and durable. It is widely used as thermal insulation materials for heat pipes, thermal equipment and other industrial piping equipment, industrial buildings, and thermal insulation, heat insulation, and sound absorption materials for industrial and civil building envelopes.

Grade A: Non-combustible building materials: materials that hardly burn.

Grade B1: Flame-retardant building materials: Flame-retardant materials have a good flame retardant effect. It is difficult to catch fire in the air or under the action of high temperature, it is not easy to spread quickly, and the combustion stops immediately when the fire source is removed.

Grade B2: Flammable building materials: Flammable materials have a certain flame retardant effect. When exposed to an open flame in the air or under the action of high temperature, it will catch fire immediately, which is easy to cause the spread of fire, such as wooden pillars, wooden roof trusses, wooden beams, wooden stairs, etc.

Grade B3: Flammable building materials: Without any flame retardant effect, it is extremely flammable and has a great fire risk.