What aspects should you pay attention to about the installation of container houses?

- Aug 14, 2019-

As a convenient housing resource, the box house has been widely used in construction and other fields. In recent years, some box-type housing products with international quality have gradually become the mainstream of the market. K-home has been designing box-type rooms for 12 years, focusing on the design, budget, manufacturing, installation and other fields of the box. Next, K-home will introduce the specific installation problems of the box.

  1. The accessories of the box are completed in the factory and transported to the site through a 40-foot container shipping container for proper construction. Then make appropriate adjustments on site, site matting and other work. Outdoor construction for connection and waterproofing. The connection work is the necessary procedure for the installation of the box. Therefore, the waterproof problem of the box must be paid attention to, so the connection and waterproof treatment sometimes have to be done together to better protect the living conditions of the box.


2. Indoor construction, this step is similar to interior decoration design. It is an internal installation of an already installed box. This step generally takes a long time and is complicated. Including the indoor water, electricity, gas line, the installation of basic living facilities, the installation of doors, windows and other items, as well as the indoor housing inspection work. Check for damage to the product, and whether there are any factors such as wall breakage caused by problems such as installation and transportation. After the house-type customer has placed the house, if there are some special needs to increase or decrease the layout in the house, we suggest that after the installation of the box is completed, the customer should not change the overall layout and overall structure of the house without authorization, and can not arbitrarily on the wall. Drilling and nailing everywhere, because the top wall of the house and the inner wall of the house are buried with circuit wires, and random drilling and nailing are easy to cause a safety accident. For the box house itself and the joints, decorative parts and connections Under normal circumstances, the bolts should not be removed without authorization, otherwise it will easily cause slight deformation of the house and loosening of the combined connection.


The above is some of the knowledge introduced for everyone, I hope to help everyone, I believe that everyone will have a deeper understanding of the box. K-home adheres to the principle of honest operation and quality first, and provides customers with quality products and services. Welcome customers from all over the world to come and consult.

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