What Are The Uses of Rock Wool Sandwich Panel?

- Nov 20, 2019-

Rockwool Sandwich Panel are now used in construction, and the elasticity is also good. It has pressure resistance and large drawing strength and firmness. It is very popular among insulation materials. Now K-home analyzes Rockwool Sandwich Panel for everyone. What is the use of the board?

1. Marine hydrophobic rock wool insulation board has added hydrophobic additives during production, which has good moisture resistance. Marine rock wool board is used for ship thermal insulation and fireproof partition; hydrophobic rock wool board is used for vehicles, mobile equipment, cold storage engineering, air conditioning ducts, and thermal insulation in humid environments and applications where moisture is required.

2. The Rockwool Sandwich Panel for construction has excellent fireproof, heat preservation and sound absorbing properties. It is mainly used for thermal insulation of building walls and roofs. Especially for small straight pipe construction is convenient and rapid.

3. High-strength rock wool board: It is suitable for high and low temperature conditions, has good bearing and compression characteristics, and is especially suitable for heat preservation and heat insulation of large ships, containers, ovens and pipes and industrial equipment.

Rockwool Sandwich Panel

4. Elastic and medium-strength rock wool board: suitable for building wall/roof insulation, fire prevention, sound absorption, such as curtain wall, interior wall partition, elevator shaft, etc.

Rock wool insulation board construction and installation are convenient, energy saving effect is remarkable, and it has high performance and price ratio. The Rockwool Sandwich Panel can also be used outdoors. In most places where the outdoor rock is used, the outer wall is waterproof rock wool board, which not only can strengthen the wall well, but also can prevent some accidents.

Rockwool Sandwich Panel