What are the scope of use of container houses?

- May 12, 2019-

[Public] The use of container houses in public areas, such as public toilets or street kiosks or guard stations, is often used in public areas where installation is simple, easy to move and easy to maintain. Facilities in the public sector are inevitably damaged by human or other factors. With a solid container house, many problems can be reduced and the service life can be extended. It can help all units save more investment in building public domain buildings.

[Private Villa] Many container houses are now being developed for use in private villas, mainly depending on its durable quality and easy-to-build features. In addition, container houses can be modified or stacked according to individual design. Not only can it be easy to shape, but also save more building materials. With less investment, you can complete personalized and high-quality private villa construction.


[Construction site] A construction site with high mobility is also a “big customer” using container houses. Because the construction site often needs to be moved or moved, there is no need to worry about the location of the workers when there is a container house, and it can be moved not only along with the whole site. It saves trouble and can be used repeatedly to save costs.