What are the requirements for the foundation of prefab house II

- Feb 12, 2020-

One of the following measures can be adopted according to local regulations to eliminate all the adverse effects of foundation soil liquefaction subsidence on prefab house construction:

1. Encryption methods, such as vibroflotation, sand pile compaction, dynamic compaction, etc., should be applied to the bottom interface of soil liquefaction depth when reinforcing the foundation, and the measured value of the standard penetration number of soil after treatment should be greater than the critical value of soil liquefaction.

2. When deep foundation is adopted, the depth in the stable soil layer below the liquid depth buried in the foundation bottom shall not be less than 500mm.

3. When pile foundation is adopted, the length of the pile end extending into the stable soil layer below the liquefaction depth shall be calculated and determined according to the bearing capacity of the pile, and shall not be less than the following value, so as to remove all liquefiable soil layers within the bearing layer of high-rise foundation.

In the current urban construction, it has played the effect of temporary residence that cannot be replaced. And now it has completed the standardized form of temporary construction and established the concept of efficient construction in everyone's mind.