What are the requirements for the foundation of prefab house I

- Feb 11, 2020-

Prefab house to solid and reliable, a solid foundation is essential. Both in traditional housing and room, before new foundations, the difference between the prefab house and ordinary houses is the foundation time, low cost, no need to put in too much manpower, material and financial resources, however, this program is also cannot lack, otherwise built housing is not strong, not safe, it is easy to have accidents, leave a safe hidden trouble, causing casualties.

As the bearing layer of the ground, when the foundation floor or pile end of the mobile building high-rise buildings approach or locally enter the inclined top of the underlying soil layer, it is advisable to deepen the foundation or increase the pile length, so that the bottom or pile end of the foundation are all in the same underlying interior, in order to avoid the uneven settlement that may be produced.

The construction site of mobile house can not avoid the river, lake and the marginal area of the river which may cause slippage or ground fissure during the earthquake. When the liquefiable soil layer exists in the subgrade bearing layer under the high-rise foundation in the earthquake area, measures should be taken to eliminate the adverse effect of the liquefaction of the soil layer on the superstructure.