What are the requirements for container house reinforcement and construction?

- Jul 16, 2020-

The opening of the wall of the container house, especially the larger holes, will significantly weaken the rigidity and strength of the box structure. Therefore, the location and size of the building design and structural design should be carefully and properly determined. At the same time, the opening should be controlled. The porosity should not be greater than 60%, and all openings should be reinforced and reinforced according to the structural strength, rigidity requirements and door and window frame setting requirements.

In addition to the local reinforcement of the opening, it is advisable to adopt reinforcement methods such as the addition of concealed columns, diagonal braces, and bottom supports for larger openings. The article stipulates the principles and reinforcement requirements of the opening of the control box, and gives some structural drawings of the opening reinforcement, which can be used for design reference.

   1. Design of structural nodes for container houses

General provisions

   According to the provisions of relevant standards, combined with the characteristics of the container mobile housing and structure, the principles of node design and construction, basic classification of nodes, connection calculation requirements and weld quality grade requirements are made.

Node construction

10.2.1 This article draws on engineering experience and puts forward two reference methods for corner joint connection and cushion joint connection. The former is divided into two types: high-strength bolt connection between the corner pieces and pads, and high-strength bolt connection between the corner pieces.

However, the on-site welding workload is a little larger, and temporary positioning and adjustment measures should be taken during installation; high-strength bolt connections need to be processed with double-ended cones, and a bolt box must be partially modified. The design should pay attention to the bolt hole margins, and should meet the force requirements and There is room for screwing.

When there is space for installing pipelines between the boxes of the mobile container house, the node structure connected with cushions can be used. At this time, the cushions and their connections should have sufficient strength due to the bending of the cushions when subjected to the horizontal force between the boxes. And stiffness.

  The connection between the box and the frame of the mobile container house should be connected at the corners, and only transmit the horizontal force and should not restrict their vertical deformation. This article gives the reference structure of the box-frame connection node.

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