What are the reasons for the popularity of folding containers?

- Jul 11, 2019-

1.the space occupancy rate is low

In the case of folding, the height and volume of a common container are generally several times that of a folded container. Folding containers can save storage space and positions, thereby saving storage costs and operating costs, and making site operations more convenient and safe. Folded containers meet the relevant requirements in terms of sealing by the World Container Safety Treaty and the World Standardization Arrangement.

2.loading and unloading convenience

The folding container can be folded and assembled to complete the four-in-one loading and unloading and transportation, which greatly improves the loading and unloading efficiency. When packing boxes are used for inland empty container transportation, containers with larger sizes are generally used. The larger container specifications result in few trailers for hauling each time. However, the haulage efficiency of a folded container trailer can be greatly improved. The high probability of loss or theft of the detachable parts of the packaging box leads to an increase in the rated cost of the rental company, and may result in the inability to assemble the container and reduce the safety.

3.low cost

The fixed cost of folding containers is low, the planning of ordinary containers is messy and the output value is not large, resulting in several times the cost of folding containers that are put into production soon. The fixed cost of ordinary containers is several times higher than the fixed cost of folding containers. Under the expectation of uncertain economic benefits and the sluggish shipping industry, lower fixed costs have become one of the main factors for the development of folding containers. .

Through the above introduction, everyone should have a certain understanding of the folding container. The reason why the folding container received such a warm response was that it benefited from its unique advantages, and the use of the data in the container was also very economical, adapting to the trend of green environmental protection.