What Are The Precautions For The Use Of Container Mobile Homes During The Winter?

- Oct 18, 2019-

Container mobile homes have more things to be paid attention to during winter use, especially in terms of safety. In mid-December, Christmas, New Year's Day and Spring Festival are coming soon. People in the containerized mobile homes are also looking forward to the Spring Festival holiday. Some home-thinking workers are also planning to go home.

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In December, it was darker in the evening, and the workers returned to the container home early. The winter weather was cold. In the container mobile home, air conditioning or heating equipment was generally used. For people in cold areas, it is generally Central heating is adopted, heating equipment runs through the entire construction site, and there is heating inside each container mobile house, but it is necessary to pay attention to drink plenty of water to prevent various problems caused by indoor air drying.

The use of electrical appliances in mobile container homes should pay attention to the safety of electricity fire, and the weather in winter is dry. The use of internal heating equipment in container mobile homes will aggravate the degree of air drying. The temperature rise is more likely to catch fire. People should pay attention to electricity safety and prevent fires from happening. . Many times, fires in container mobile homes are caused by people pulling wires and using electrical appliances. People's awareness of fire prevention is even more serious. In many container mobile homes, there is no fire extinguisher. In case of fire, it is more troublesome to rely on artificial fire extinguishing. If the fire is not extinguished for a long time, the fire will spread and cause greater losses. At the same time, whether the sandwich panel material of the prefb container house is fireproof also has an important impact on the fire safety inside the mobile movable house. Using the fireproof material as the sandwich core material can further reduce the probability of fire occurrence and better guarantee the container mobile house. Fire safety.

Modular container house should pay special attention to fire and electricity safety when heating in the air in winter. It is safer and safer to ensure fire safety and safer and more comfortable life.