What are the Measures for Rusting of Containers?

- Jun 04, 2020-

                            What are the Measures for Rusting of Occupant Containers?

In recent years, the continuous promotion of occupant containers has begun to highlight some problems related to occupant containers. The rusting phenomenon related to the occupant container is a very headache problem. What are the measures for rusting of occupant containers?


One: Seal the outer field wall

 Because steel materials are exposed to wet and cold outdoor environment for a long time, it is easy to rust, and the occupant container composed of light steel structure is also very prone to this phenomenon in the application process. To avoid the rusting of the occupant container from harmful substances, the method of sealing the outer field wall can be used to prevent the outdoor wet and cold gas from entering the room.

Two: With products that can resist moisture

 There are many social ideologies that want to choose occupant containers when they travel to other places. The frequent flow of people will also cause the accumulation of moisture inside the occupant containers. At this time, users can rely on some products that have a moisture-proof effect, such as sticking some moisture-proof insulation materials inside the occupant container to block the invasion of wet and cold gas.

Three: Carry out maintenance on the wall on time

Rusting affects the primary condition of the occupant's service life. The customer can operate according to the above two methods and cannot prevent the occupant's container from rusting. If the wall or key structure of the container is found to be rusted, the user should take anti-rust treatment and paint maintenance in time.