What Are the Characteristics Of Container Mobile Toilets?

- Oct 11, 2019-

Urbanization construction requires more and more mobile toilets, and there are not many types of mobile toilets. Today, K-home mobile toilets are rented out to share the characteristics of container mobile toilets.

Main features of container mobile toilets:

(1) Container-type toilets adopt international popular design, which is novel and beautiful, with small floor space and flexible movement.

(2) The product has good sealing performance, waterproof, pollution-free, high strength, convenient transportation and installation, and has a service life of more than 20 years. The overall weight of the product is light, stable and stable, and can be used repeatedly. The welded steel frame is used, and the frame meets the requirements of frequent movement and lifting. The surface of the frame is sprayed with a special anti-rust primer and topcoat for the container. The surface of the product is seamless, smooth and easy to clean and easy to maintain. The surface of the wallboard has good acid, alkali, salt spray and other corrosive properties, and is suitable for various humid and corrosive environments.

(3) The mobile toilet steel structure itself has good impact resistance and good bending resistance, and the general impact will not cause damage to its surface.

(4) Applicable to public places such as cities, living quarters, and tourist areas.

Main configuration of container mobile toilet:

1. The main frame is made of light square steel and angle steel. It is brushed with three layers of anti-rust paint to remove rust and welded according to international standards. Hooks are provided for easy lifting and lifting.

2. The outer wall panel adopts Class A fireproof sandwich wall panel, which is anti-collision, non-aging, and has the advantages of high flame retardant, heat preservation, moisture proof, acid and alkali resistance.

3. The insulation layer is made of rigid foamed polyurethane, which is insulated and insulated.

4. The ceiling is a light PVC hollow gusset plate, which is insulated, heat-insulated and beautiful.

5, the roof is decorated with a decorative top or the United States imported Owens Corningwa, the shape is novel, beautiful and generous, to meet the urban landscape.

6, the door and window are made of plastic steel profiles, the door surface is decorated with aluminum-plastic plate, the white steel wrap angle, professional processing, sealing effect is good.

7. The ground is made of black non-slip fiberglass floor with a gorgeous surface and strong durability.

8. The toilet is designed with a squat, which is simple and clear, saves space and avoids cross infection.

9, the toilet is equipped with a toilet, urinal, wash basin, cosmetic mirror, coat hook, signage, hand tray, paper basket, ventilation fan. Complete accessories, indoor and outdoor lighting, power switch, socket and total control air switch, reasonable design, no safety hazards.