What are the advantages of transforming a container into a house?

- May 16, 2019-

First, the container house eco-environmental protection If you want to contribute to the earth's environmental protection, make the earth more healthy and environmentally friendly, but when you build a house more environmentally friendly, you will find that all of this requires high construction costs to ensure comfort. Living houses and environmental protection for the earth. Many people point the frame materials for building houses to containers. There are currently 17 million containers in the world, but there are only 6 million containers still in use, which means that 10 million containers are in a state of obsolescence. However, container houses can re-use these abandoned containers. Transforming a container into a house is a good environmentally friendly method because it prevents the container from being melted into steel, although it is also a boardhouse for energy recovery. Another way to build an environmentally friendly building is to build a house from wood, but it is not as powerful as a container. First, the container does not dry like wood and other fungal infections. Secondly, the situation of wood leakage is more than that of container houses.


Second, the stability of container housing If you feel that the above reasons are not enough to impress you, then the most important reason is the stability of the container. It is understood that the US Army's former refuge was built by container houses, and a container can carry 30 tons of cargo, and can also be stacked up to 7 layers, so the bottom container needs to weigh 200 tons. The ability to do without any traditional house can be done.

Third, the beauty of the container house When you have a comfortable container house, the outsiders have seen a very unique house. This can be seen from the previous article on our website that all the container houses are all pleasing. Moreover, container houses can be built in different environments, which will give people a different visual experience.

4. The flexibility of container houses is very flexible. As the previous article shows, they can be used to make any house you can imagine. The advantage is that the container is already formed, so you only need to base it. Your design goes to cut the container for renovation. You need to know that there are many factors to consider when removing the interior wall in a traditional house, and the amount of work is very large; but the container house can cut the middle plate to create the space you want. At the same time, because the specifications of the containers are generally the same, you can easily splicing them together.