What are the advantages of container room different from traditional buildings?

- Jul 23, 2020-

The prefabricated container house is a kind of building assembled by prefabricated components on the construction site. The advantages of this kind of building are fast construction speed, less restricted by climate conditions, saving labor, and improving construction quality. With the development of modern industrial technology, the construction of houses can be like machine production, batch manufacturing. As long as the prefabricated building components are transported to the construction site and assembled.

1、 What are the characteristics of the prefabricated container room?

1. A large number of building parts are produced and processed in the workshop. The main types of components are exterior wall panel, inner wall panel, laminated board, balcony, air conditioning board, stairs, precast beam, precast column, etc.

2. There are a lot of assembly operations on-site, while the original cast-in-place operations are greatly reduced.

3. The integrated design and construction of building and decoration is adopted. The ideal state is that the decoration can be carried out simultaneously with the main construction.

4. Standardization of design and informatization of management. The more standard the components and the higher the production efficiency, the lower the cost of corresponding components. With the digital management of the factory, the cost performance of the whole prefabricated container building will be higher and higher.

5. Meet the requirements of green building.

2、 What are the common prefabricated buildings?

1. Wooden structure house

The modern wood structure is a structural form that combines traditional building materials and modern advanced processing and construction technology. In many European and American countries, the industrialization, standardization and supporting installation technology of wood structure housing are very mature, and the wood structure is widely used because of the convenience of obtaining materials, and the wood structure technology is developing rapidly. It is commonly used in wooden villas and wooden structure houses.

2. Light steel structure house

Light steel villa, also known as light steel structure house, its main material is the light steel keel synthesized by hot-dip galvanized steel strip and cold-rolled technology. After accurate calculation and support and combination of auxiliary parts, it plays a reasonable bearing capacity. The construction technology of light steel structure low rise residence is evolved from the North American style wood structure construction technology. After more than 100 years of development, it has formed a mature construction system with excellent physical properties, flexible space and shape, easy construction and various forms.

3. Prefabricated concrete house

Precast concrete member is called PC component in the field of housing industrialization. Correspondingly, the traditional cast-in-place concrete needs site molding, on-site pouring and on-site maintenance.

Compared with the cast-in-place concrete, the factory produced precast concrete has many advantages: the quality and technology of building components can be better controlled through mechanized production, the standardization of the size and characteristics of prefabricated parts can be significant, and the installation speed and construction progress can be accelerated;

Compared with the traditional on-the-spot mold making, the mold in the factory can be reused, and the comprehensive cost is lower; the mechanized production needs less labor, etc. However, the prefabricated parts also have disadvantages: the factory needs a large area of storage yard and supporting equipment and tools, so the storage cost is high;

It needs professional training of the construction team to cooperate with the installation, high transportation costs and risks, which determines that its market radiation range is limited, not suitable for popularization.

4. Container house

This kind of resident containers are mainly rented to workers at the construction site, and there are also some private purchases and rentals. The biggest advantage of living containers is that they are cheap.

The container room is composed of structural system, ground system, floor system, wall system and roof system. Each system is composed of several unit modules, which are manufactured in the factory and assembled on site.

The container room can be disassembled and moved without damaging the land. It has realized the transformation from "real estate" attribute to "movable property" attribute of housing for thousands of years, and realized the complete separation of "real estate" and "real estate" for thousands of years.

Container house is a kind of specialized design, standardized, modular, general production, easy to remove, convenient installation, convenient transportation, storage, repeated use, turnover of temporary or permanent housing.

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