What Are The Advantages Of Choosing Container House?

- Sep 18, 2019-

Container house are commonly used in construction sites as workers' quarters, and others are used as rental houses, which are durable and easy to set up. Therefore, the container house is also known as the prefab living container. It is very sturdy and can withstand large pressures. The new welded mobile home is a popular living container in recent years.

Because its technology is close to the first type of container , it is also called container mobile house. The technical standard of this container house is lower than the shipping container. It is characterized by convenient transportation, installation and movement, and low cost. The service life is more than fifteen years. In addition, the return on investment is high and the scope of use is relatively wide. The container movable house is located between the movable board room and the container house. It mainly adopts modular production technology, and modularizes a container into standard parts. When it is needed, it can be assembled on site, which can speed up the installation and disassembly. Reduce transportation costs.

The combined container office adopts the internationally popular container mobile house design concept and manufacturing process. It can be used in a single container or multiple containers. The high thermal insulation performance creates a good office and living environment for the field workers. It is used in construction and office buildings, factory buildings, field work sites, and additional facilities on the roof. The whole hoist series houses are adaptable to the environment and are easy to install on site. They can be used as temporary office, accommodation, kitchen and bathroom for medium and high-end requirements.

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