What Are The Advantages of Ablution Containers

- Jul 10, 2020-

Container house can not only be transformed into container dormitory, container office, container school, but also ablution containers . What are the advantages of this type of ablution containers?


1. More convenient installation method

One of the main reasons why ablution containers are recognized and widely used is that the installation workers of container toilets are very convenient. They only need to be transported by truck to a designated place for placement, and each drainage and defecation pipeline can be connected immediately and put into use. The highest efficiency solves the problem of lack of toilets in some public places.

2. Lower engineering cost

Due to the lower engineering cost of ablution containerss, traditional toilets are gradually being replaced. Because traditional toilets must be built with walls and bricks just like building houses, not only the long construction time delays people's use, but the cost is also quite high.

3. Complete facilities and equipment

The ablution containers has integrated all the facilities in the container. The container can retain all the functions of the traditional toilet while maintaining the advantages of small size, strong maneuverability, and convenient installation. Therefore, the user will not reduce the comfort of the toilet . degree.