Waterproof Measures for Fire-resistant Container House Structure

- Aug 20, 2020-

Drainage organization: Reasonably arrange drainage points. It should be noted that the precipitation intensity of different regions is not the same. Stopping the drainage organization's imagination is to have a sufficient practical basis, but not objectively feel.

Construction and selection: Double roof ridge method is used for overfire to avoid river ditches appearing in the building, and abnormal side river ditches are also overfired. Use outer gutters instead of inner gutters. The type of roof panels should be reasonably selected according to the slope of the drainage and the slope length. Small, so the roof panel should be over-use of wave height.

Structural method: The methods of various ethnic groups that are the first to be familiar with the waterproof structure method of container mobile houses are being actively used in the practice of fortifications. The center of the waterproof materials must be used.

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