Three points for attention in the installation of container house

- Oct 15, 2020-

Container houses are the best choices for temporary houses because of its modular structure and mobility. It could be widely used as apartment containers, temporary refugee camps, public toilets, and other living containers houses.

Although it is a kind of temporary house, it also has good performance in wind resistance, moisture resistance, thermal insulation, etc to make people living inside happily and comfortably.

Now the following information will briefly describe what we need to pay attention to when we installing the container house.

1. Drainage and water supply

The container is an integral steel structure, generally speaking, the ground terrain of container house installation should be higher than the surrounding terrain, and the drainage ditch should be excavated around the container. In the summer rainy season, the top of the container covered with a "man" shaped canopy for rainwater drainage will be very helpful. There are two main solutions to the water supply problem of containers, one is to connect the municipal water supply system, the other is to increase the water tank. These two methods can be used together.

2. Heat preservation and heat insulation

The container houses are widely used as accommodation houses for workers working in remote construction sites. There may be very cold in winter, or hot in summer. The main material of the container houses is insulation type, which could keep both heat and cold in the house.

The houses also could be equipped with air conditioning and the heater.

3. Lightning protection

When the container house is installed in the alpine wilderness, the steel container room is easy to become the target of lightning in thunderstorm days. Therefore, the installation of a lightning rod should not be neglected.

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