Three Development Models for Prefabricated Houses

- Sep 05, 2019-

Prefabricated houses, that is, integrated houses, are built in an industrialized way. They are prefabricated parts of the house, which are prefabricated in the factory, then transported to the construction site, and assembled by reliable connection. Europe, the United States and Japan are known as industrialized or industrialized homes. Prefabricated houses are mainly divided into three development modes: prefabricated container houses, prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, and prefabricated lightweight steel structures.

Prefabricated modular container house

What is a container house? Taking the container as the basic module and adopting the manufacturing mode, the structural construction and internal decoration of each module are completed by the assembly line in the factory and then transported to the project site, and the houses and buildings of different styles are quickly combined according to different uses and functions.

Precast concrete structure house

What is a precast concrete structure room (PC). PC (Prefabricated Concrete Structure) is a precast concrete structure with a precast concrete structure as the main component, which is assembled, connected, and partially cast in place. The PC member is a finished concrete member formed by factory-manufacturing a component processing unit. The earliest proposed industrialization of PC housing was based on the road of industrialization of PC housing that was first proposed and implemented after the Second World War. PC homes have many advantages such as energy efficiency, environmental protection, cost reduction, residential function and performance. In the current international construction field, the application form of PC projects varies from country to country and from region to region. It is still in the development and research stage in mainland China.

Prefabricated steel structure house

Light steel houses have the characteristics of light weight, large span, good wind and seismic resistance, excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation and other indicators. They are a green building system with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development. Applicable to villas, multi-storey houses, resorts, clubs and other civil buildings and building plus layers, roof flat slopes, lightweight interior walls. Pre-assembled, the wall includes pre-installed exterior cladding, insulation and windows. The roof truss system can also be provided to the developer in a pre-assembled form, which greatly shortens the construction period compared to the traditional construction method.