The Usage of Container House

- Jun 19, 2020-

Container houses are mostly used in camps, apartment houses, comprehensive offices and other fields. It adopts modular design, generalized, standardized and large-scale production technology, modularizes a container house into standard parts, and assembles it on site when it is needed. The standard container is the basic unit, which can be used alone or Through the different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions to form a spacious use space and stack. The container structure is made of special cold-formed steel members, and the boxes are connected by bolts. The structure is simple and the installation is convenient and fast. It has the characteristics of prefabrication, flexibility, energy-saving and environmental protection, and is called a new type of "green building".

Like building blocks, the box-type room can be combined in various forms in the horizontal and vertical directions and can be moved arbitrarily in the form of finished products or packaged transportation. The space layout is flexible and the functions are prefabricated. Most construction sites are temporary projects, and box houses are used to facilitate construction, movement, and disassembly.

Zero disassemblies and disassembly, convenient movement, saving the cost of construction of the production base, as long as the ground is flat, it can be directly placed or installed, which also verifies the safety of the box house, as well as good thermal insulation, thermal insulation, Many superior performances such as windproof, anti-seismic and soundproof.