The Suggestions for Prefabricated House User

- Aug 30, 2019-

After the construction is over, the prefabricated house also have risks, because the fire and heavy rain will cause a big loss, and if you choose the material have not studrable feature, the house will face a big challenge, and the skilled installer will also important for the there are some suggestions to care.

1. Smoking is a main reason cause a big fire, and in order to lower the danger of firing, we prohibit anyone to smoke in construction site, such as the storage of the sandwich panel,

2. Temporary heating equipment. Temporary heating (propane, kerosene or electricity) can be used on site according to weather conditions. If the device does not remove combustibles, incorrect settings or abnormal functions, it may cause fire. Ensure that all heating devices are listed and approved for their intended use, that only temporary heaters are placed on non-flammable floors or platforms, and that the area around space heaters is kept away from combustibles.

3. Fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers can be the first line of defense for combating a fire on a construction site. Mount fire extinguishers suitable for the conditions and hazards in conspicuous positions, on each floor at each usable stairway and train staff in their use.