The production process of polyurethane panel

- Oct 16, 2020-

With great performance in thermal insulation performance, the polyurethane panel could be widely installed in areas where has a very low temperature. Here is its production process:

1. Advanced manufacturing technology: with automatic continuous production equipment, the produciton process mainly automatically controlled by serial computers, high production efficiency.

2. Lightweight: The weight of the polyurethane sandwich panel is only 10-14 kg per square meter.

3. Good heat preservation and heat insulation performance: resonance coefficient λ = 0.0175 kcal/m.

4. Good overall rigidity and high bearing capacity: 

After the polyurethane core material is foamed into a block material after the chemical reaction is stable, the sheet is cut according to different thicknesses, and then bonded with the color steel plate, with a smooth surface and stable performance. Good integrity and other characteristics.

5. The connection is reasonable and reasonable:

1) The polyurethane sandwich roof panel adopts the buckle connection method, which avoids the hidden danger of roof leakage and saves the number of accessories.

2) Polyurethane sandwich wall panels are connected by sockets, which are divided into socket type and concealed type. It is beautiful in appearance, save the number of spare parts, and are convenient for construction.


If you choose to use polyurethane panels in cold areas, you must choose carefully, because the quality of polyurethane panels is very important to the temperature storage.