The Precautions for Use of Prefabricated House

- Oct 25, 2019-

The Precautions for the prefabricated house:

Before the customized purchase of mobile house, we should have a basic understanding of the purpose of mobile house and the natural environment, climate conditions and geographical characteristics of the area or place where we need to "settle down", so as to put forward specific technical requirements for the thermal insulation, firmness, load-bearing and moisture-proof of the customized mobile house, so as to facilitate the design of the structure and materials used by professional manufacturers. More scientific, more reasonable and more in line with the special needs of special regions.

The assembly and placement of the mobile room must be guided by the professional manufacturer. After the installation and combination, it is better not to change the overall layout and structure of the mobile room without authorization, let alone drill holes and drive nails everywhere on the wall, because the top wall and surrounding walls of each special customized mobile room are embedded with electric wires, and drill holes at will. And nailing is easy to cause safety accidents. For the connection parts, decorative parts and connecting bolts between the mobile room itself and the combined mobile room, do not dismantle them without authorization without special necessity, otherwise it is easy to produce slight deformation of the mobile room. If it is necessary to remove the connecting parts, decorative parts and connecting bolts to move the mobile room, the manufacturer of the mobile room shall be contacted in advance, and the manufacturer shall send special technical installation personnel to guide the disassembly and reassembly.