The performance of Polyurethane foam spray

- Oct 16, 2020-

The performance of Polyurethane rigid foam spraying 

1. Good heat preservation efficiency

Generally, this wall material has high bond strength, without any adhesive and anchor. It is a natural adhesive material, which can form a continuous insulation layer, ensure the joint action of thermal insulation material and wall and effectively block the thermal bridge.

2. Strong stability

Rigid foam polyurethane spraying and base wall firmly combined is the basic premise to ensure the stability of the external insulation layer. the surface of the wall should be cleaned carefully to ensure that the rigid foam polyurethane coating is closely combined with the wall. 

The external insulation system of rigid foam polyurethane spraying should be able to resist the comprehensive effect of the following factors: under the most unfavorable local temperature and humidity conditions, it can bear various internal and external combined loads such as wind force, self weight and normal collision, and the insulation layer still does not separate and fall off from the bottom of the base course, and remains stable in the wet state.

3. Good fireproof performance

Although the polyurethane form spray insulation layer is on the outside of the external wall, the fire prevention treatment can not be ignored. After adding flame retardant, polyurethane is a kind of flame retardant and self-extinguishing material. It is compounded with rubber powder polyphenylene particle slurry to form a fire prevention system, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire. The wall surface, doors and windows and other sides of the building shall be tightly covered with fire-proof adhesive powder polyphenylene granule material, and there shall be no open parts. The use of thick rubber powder polyphenyl granule waterproof plastering surface layer is conducive to improving the fire resistance performance of the insulation layer.

4. It has excellent heat and moisture resistance

(1) Good water tightness

The polyurethane foam material has excellent waterproof and vapor insulation properties. The material does not contain water and has a low water absorption rate. It can block the penetration of water and steam and keep the wall in a good and stable insulation condition. It is difficult for other thermal insulation materials to realize.

(2) No condensation in the wall

Condensation inside the wall or in the insulation layer is harmful. During the drying process of the new wall or in winter, when the water vapor with higher indoor temperature migrates to the outdoor, due to the barrier of rigid polyurethane foam, condensation is impossible in the wall. When the indoor humidity is low and the indoor wall is in good condition, the condensation caused by the moisture migration of water vapor in the wall can be avoided.

(3) Able to withstand the most severe local climate and its changes

No matter high temperature or severe cold climate will not cause irreversible damage or deformation to the external insulation system. Drastic changes in the temperature of the external surface of the external wall (up to 50 degrees), such as sudden rain shower after a long time of exposure, or shading after exposure, will not cause damage to the exterior wall surface. In this way, the surface deformation caused by the change of surface temperature is avoided, which makes the surface crack.