The operation mode of container house and its advantages

- Apr 24, 2019-

The container house provides all the comfort and facilities of a common dwelling, but its construction is usually much faster because the main part of the dwelling is ready and the container itself.

To make it comfortable, the internal components are usually completely coated and also treated to avoid intense heat and cold. The building itself is no different from prefabricated houses, but it does have some interesting advantages, such as:

1. Reduce costs with materials and labor;

2. Reduce the impact on the environment and reuse containers;

3. Easy to maintain, high durability;

4. Speed up the execution of work;

5. Reduce the load on the foundation because the container is much lighter than the masonry.

Before selecting this option, you need to analyze these measures to ensure that the selected container is well adapted to your land and always adhere to legal distances such as sidewalks, neighbors, etc. The land does not have to be flat. If it is irregular, the cost may be higher. On the terrain, another focus is on the location, because the team must be able to use the crane or garbage truck to unload the entire container in space.

Among these houses they allow for a very wide architectural and decorative configuration, these services are basic, turning the container into a comfortable house that provides all the comfort you need. It can cover walls, including floors, large windows with glass and a variety of other decorative items to convey a wide and comfortable feel.

It is not right to think that a container house does not require a responsible engineer or architect. After all, it also requires basic and other specific areas of service to ensure safety. Container houses are lighter than masonry and therefore do not provide too much load on the foundation. In order to determine the most suitable land, the characteristics of the land, the type of soil, the number and layout of the containers must be considered.

Construction speed is one of the advantages of many people choosing this type of housing, and the container house can be inhabited within 90 days. Once you have identified the container, the first step is to design a project that is handled by experienced professionals.