The Introduction for Prefab House

- Apr 17, 2020-

                                         The Introduction for Prefab House

product description

The movable panel house can be combined with standard modules according to the needs of customers, using light steel structure to form its skeleton system, and sandwich wall panel and double-sided color steel tiles to form the enclosure and roof system. Realize the simple and beautiful, fast construction, safe use, universal standard temporary construction concept, so that the temporary construction house into an industrialized production, inventory, and can be used for many times to build housing products.

Performance: Light steel flexible structure system, safe and reliable, meeting the requirements of building structure design specifications.

Easy disassembly and assembly: The house can be disassembled and assembled multiple times and reused. The installation process requires only simple tools. The average person can install 20-30 square meters per day, and 6 people can complete a 3K × 10K standard mobile home in only 2 days.

Beautiful decoration: The whole house is beautiful and generous, with bright color, soft texture, smooth surface and good decoration effect.


Flexible layout: Doors and windows can be set at any position, indoor partitions can be set at any horizontal axis. The staircase is set outdoors.

Long service life: The steel structure is treated with anti-corrosion paint, and the normal service life can reach more than 15 years.

Environmental protection and energy saving: The house has reasonable design, easy disassembly and assembly, can be recycled many times, and has a low loss rate and does not generate construction waste. The average cost of use is much lower than similar houses built with other materials.

Various specifications: The house adopts standardized components, and the length and width are K (1K = 1820mm) as the modulus. The horizontal dimension of the house is mK + 160, and the vertical dimension is nK + 160.

【Application field】

It can be used as office and accommodation and can meet the needs of construction site barracks, field operation barracks, and municipal resettlement houses.