The Installation Method of Sandwich Panel Partition Wall

- Nov 19, 2020-

The process as below:

1. Prepare all materials

2. Measure all panels and cut the sandwich panel into the wanted size

3. Drill the U bending groove on the walls, roofs, and floors, and fix the groove with bolts.

4. Push the wall panel through into the grooves; make sure every side of itself inside the U bending parts.

5. Measure the wall panel with a spirit level machine, to make sure the entire assembled wall panel is vertical.

6. Put the bending cover parts on the exposed side, fix it with bolts.


1. Fixing the bottom positioning parts: Install the bottom U shape groove of the wall according to the ground construction baseline. Fix the galvanized U shape groove according to the wall panel thickness. If it uneven, adjusted it with a flat steel plate. Once the positioning parts are adjusted and leveled, they are fixed with inner bolts.

2. The installation verticality and straightness errors must be measured frequently and adjusted.