The Installation Location Request for Prefab House

- Jun 03, 2020-

The overall structure of the grid-frame house is good, the earthquake resistance is good, and the house can be disassembled and assembled, but the assembly location and environment of the color steel house must be required.

1. The hardness of the foundation: Before pouring the foundation, the hardness of the good foundation should be measured in advance. If the terrain is special or the hardness of the foundation is too large, special treatment must be made to ensure the smooth assembly of the board house and the quality after assembly. How to deal with it specially and communicate with the technical department.

2. The degree of the foundation: when pouring the foundation, it is necessary to measure the good level. After the foundation is poured, the degree is mistakenly manipulated within 10MM.

3. Label of concrete: the floor of the slab house is C20. Under normal circumstances, there is no reinforcing steel. If there are special conditions of terrain, foundation or special requirements for the board room, the drawing by the technical department shall prevail.

4. Bottom pouring time: The bottom pouring of the grid house should be the same as the conventional concrete pouring process, and the process order cannot be reduced. There should be sufficient time between the completion of the pouring of the foundation and the assembly of the board room to ensure that the concrete reaches a certain hardness.

5. Requirements: In order to ensure the assembly period, the assembly quality and the cleanliness and beauty of the assembly, the indoor floor is also poured at the same time as the foundation is manufactured, the degree of height is the same as that of the foundation, after the assembly of the board room is completed, the indoor floor is both Convenient, clean, and will not affect the quality and appearance of the board room. The height of the indoor floor should be 50MM higher than the height of the base to ensure that rainwater will not flow into the solid level of the interior and the girder beam.

Only by meeting the requirements of the assembly site and environment of the grid house can it be durable and better ensure the safety of use.

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