The Features of Container House

- Aug 29, 2020-

1. The container house use screw connection, strong theme activity characteristics, detachable transfer asset reorganization more than 10 times, the overall service life is about 20 years.

2. Standardize versatility, can be installing in a short time, in the whole process of disassembly, according to the customer's capital turnover, can reduce or increase the number of rooms without changing all the original raw materials.

3. The container house is affordable, one-time project investment, high reuse value, and low cost for comprehensive applications.

4. Wide application coverage, applicable to construction dormitories, college dormitories, field work houses, rescue houses, temporary houses for engineering buildings and various roof additions, etc.

5. Beautiful and generous without interior decoration, no need to decorate the ceiling wall, the heat insulation effect is very good.