The Disadvantages of Prefab House

- Nov 03, 2020-

K-home is a professional prefab house manufacture, during negation, we will provide you all information about the advantages and disadvantages about prefab house, let you make the right choice for your project.

Mobile room in the process of installation and use, or on the roof lead to the loose fasteners. The aging of fastener waterproof pad causes leakage in fastener.

In the construction process of living container mobile house waterproof data selection is unreasonable and aging, and so on.

Make holes in the front panel of the mobile room, install various fans, exhaust pipes and other cracks around the waterproof treatment is not good; In the process of use of mobile house, due to the influence of external conditions, wind load, snow load, heat expansion and cold contraction of the roof panel deformation, the formation of joints crack expansion, damage the original waterproof disposal and leakage.

Container room, mobile room There is no horizontal slope of the gutter, the design of the gutter outlet is not reasonable, etc., when the heavy rain formed gutter water can not be discharged to the gutter inside the gutter back water; Mobile room in the construction of the gutter corrosion is not in place, lead to the gutter rust erosion, or dregs such as infarction water mouth and other conditions, are able to form a leak or return water attack.

The plate core material is easy to ignite and spreads quickly. Quite a few people because of the cheap will buy with polyurethane, polystyrene and other flammable materials to fill the core of the container mobile house. But this material low ignition point, flame retardant poor, once encountered high temperature sparks, wire short circuit bead or open fire action will immediately burn, and the honeycomb structure of the material will increase the contact surface with the air, resulting in violent combustion.

Narrow passageways in the building affect evacuation. In order to pursue the usable floor area, some use units do not set aside the safe passage and evacuation space that meet the requirements of the specification. Some even occupy the safe evacuation passage to build container mobile rooms. In case of fire, personnel evacuation is blocked and the consequences are unimaginable.

Combustion product toxicity, escape difficult. Some container trailer adopts and polyurethane polymer materials such as polystyrene board core filler, some premises also use flammable combustible materials for decoration or as a partition, in the event of fire, burning it produces a lot of strong, contains a lot of the zero gas such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide, have very strong toxicity and irritation, easy living and fire rescue personnel casualties.

The Disadvantages of Prefab House