The Difference Between Integrated Light Steel Structure House and Traditional Buildings

- Apr 03, 2020-


The integrated house mainly refers to the house built with galvanized light steel keel as the main structural component, which has the advantages of good seismic performance, light self-weight, high degree of factory prefabrication, fast construction speed, small labor intensity, etc.

Compared with the traditional buildings, if the price of interior decoration is included in the traditional buildings, the cost of the integrated houses is not much different from that of the light steel integrated houses.

The price difference between the light steel integrated house and the traditional building mainly depends on the use of materials. The starting point of the traditional building is to build the house for the purpose, and the materials used are based on the principle of low price. In the process of design and construction, the light steel integrated house mainly focuses on the comfort of the house, and mostly uses new moisture-proof, sound insulation and heat preservation materials.

The price difference in material application is the price difference between light steel integrated house and traditional building. The main advantages of integrated housing are comfort, energy conservation and environmental protection, appearance, time-saving, labor-saving, earthquake resistance and wind resistance.

In the construction process of light steel integrated house, the utilization of heat preservation, moisture-proof, sound insulation and other materials has been strengthened, and the overall comfort level of the house is higher than that of traditional buildings. The new energy-saving exterior materials and dry operation construction adopted by the company will reflect the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.