The Difference between Fast Assembly Containers and Flat Pack Containers

- Feb 25, 2020-

Both the fast assembly containers and flat-pack containers have evolved from the shipping container house. The difference between them is that the frame connection is different. The fast assembly container is connected to the column and the top and bottom beams by fastening screws, while the roof and floor frame of flat pack containers are welded together. The flat pack container manufacturing time is longer than the fast assembly containers, but the flat pack container is superior in terms of solidity and waterproof performance.

In recent years, after many technical transformations and upgrades, the fast assembly container has gradually improved its waterproof and leak-proof performance. After optimizing the design and improvement of the fast assembly containers, it is gradually popular on the market.

Both the fast assembly containers and flat-pack containers have the characteristics of multiple uses of container houses, convenient disassembly and assembly, superior performance, stability and firmness, and good shock resistance. They are very popular as professional house solutions for temporary use.

flat pack container