The Difference Between Container House and Traditional House

- Aug 21, 2020-

In the traditional sense, a container refers to a large metal container with certain strength, rigidity, and specifications that can be transported and unloaded repeatedly every week. Therefore, traditionally, containers are mostly used to transport goods. However, nowadays, container manufacturers have undergone a series of innovations and new demands in various fields. The use of containers has broken the tradition and expanded new applications.


     Needless to say, the various benefits of the container mobile house in the traditional logistics application, but it also has the following advantages in the development of new application areas:

1. Consolidated surface and large capacity. Have certain strength, stiffness and specifications;

     2. Extensible. Easy to recycle, movable, low environmental requirements, strong environmental habits;

     3. Chong Hing's environmental protection concept. The container has good stability, high reusability, and low loss. Using containers as a new type of environmentally friendly exhibition material is an outstanding innovation for sustainable work, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and reduces environmental pollution;

      The glass fiber reinforced plastic of the container mobile house is also a common one. It has many benefits: high strength, good rigidity, large content, good heat insulation, anti-corrosion, and chemical resistance, and it is easy to clean and easy to repair. I think this is a satisfactory material, but there are also some defects. Such a container has a relatively large weight and is prone to aging, especially the strength of the bolts will drop a lot; however, there are still many containers that choose this A raw material, the reason is its benefits, as for the flaws, it is also trying its best to defeat it.

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