The Comparison of EPS Sandwich Panel and PU Sandwich Panel

- Oct 30, 2019-

EPS and PU are two kinds of thermal insulation materials that we often ues at present. Now we make a comparison for their characteristics and development trend.

EPS is a kind of expandable polystyrene and a kind of thermoplastic. It has the advantages of low cost, good heat insulation. But it has a poor fire resistance and a general adhesion character, so it can only be a transitional product.

PU refers to polyurethane foam, which is a kind of high molecular compound containing repeated carbamate chain. It is one of the most important sub items in polyurethane category and referred to rigid foam in building insulation. Polyurethane rigid foam is the best thermal insulation material in the world at present, and its performance index is better than that of traditional EPS. It is not only good in thermal insulation and adhesion, but also convenient for continuous production and beautiful in molding. But the biggest disadvantage is the high cost.

Bellow is the comparison of the two materials performance: