The Characteristics and Installation Technical Points of The Second Floor Prefab Site Quaters

- Aug 30, 2019-

The prefab house is easy to install and easy to use, and is populared by many users. In modern buildings, due to its advantages of thermal insulation, anti-corrosion and sound insulation, good seismic performance, strong and beautiful appearance, light and flame retardant, easy installation, etc., the scope of use gradually Increase, in order to enhance its utilization effect, to bring a better experience to users, prefab house manufacturers introduce to everyone  , the prefabricated house installation and technical points. I hope to help everyone.


Second floor modular prefab house

The characteristics of the second floor modular prefab kit house:

The modular house is a temporary building that is currently used more. The board is made of polystyrene sandwich board, which fully achieves the effects of thermal insulation. It is also possible to design and build special-shaped houses according to user requirements. Applicable to temporary housing in construction units.

The wall and roofing materials of this mobile home are colored steel plate covered polystyrene foam. Color steel sandwich panel has the characteristics of thermal insulation, anti-corrosion and sound insulation, light flame retardant, good seismic performance, strong and beautiful appearance, convenient installation and no need for secondary decoration. The structure of the color steel movable room is stable and reliable, the roof is structurally waterproof, the interior and exterior walls and the roof are bright, the texture is soft, the board surface is flat, and it is very harmonious with the steel skeleton of the house. It has a good decorative effect and the interior decoration of the house is also good. Very strong.


The decoration principle is simple and flexible:

Since practicality is the primary choice, and there is already a preliminary space division in the design, the movable board room does not need to be decorated on a large scale like the houses we usually live in. However, in the process of living, it is still necessary to follow the simple features of the building. Flexible principles for renovation or decoration.


Technical points for installation of the second floor movable board room:

The house is a temporary building, which is often used in temporary dormitory offices, factory buildings, field work sites, exhibitions, warehouses and outposts for construction workers. It can also be used in offices, command posts, dormitories, warehouses, shops, toilets, equipment rooms, and various temporary and mobile homes in the construction, railway, highway, water conservancy, petroleum, tourism, and military industries. The following movable prefabricated house manufacturers will explain the technical points of the installation of the mobile home.

Ground floor installation, roof panel installation, roof installation, roof panel installation, window installation, door installation, and fixture installation.

The roof panel and wall panel of the movable panel house shall be free from obvious deformation and damage; the fixing bolts, waterproof gaskets, metal washers and nylon sleeves shall be complete, the connection is reliable, and the sealant is complete.

The panel of the movable panel should be installed smoothly and the mouth of the movable panel should be straight and the overlapping direction of the panel is correct.

The electrical circuit in the movable board room should be covered with PVC pipe (slot), the wiring is neat and beautiful; the electrical configuration meets the design requirements; the line has no insulation aging and long-term use.

Fire resistance: The fire separation distance should meet the design and specification requirements, the fire exit should be smooth; the fire hydrant and fire extinguisher configuration meet the design requirements and the layout is reasonable.

prefabricated house

Mobile prefab house manufacturers

The second floor movable prefabricated house is simple to install, sturdy and beautiful, and has good use effect. Pay attention to the correct operation during installation, which can improve product performance and improve utilization. The above is the characteristics of the second floor movable prefabricated house introduced by the modular house manufacturer. Install technical points, if you have any questions, please contact us, we will answer you in detail.